The Real Estate Market in the Age of COVID-19 is daunting. Today, businesses are drastically changing the way they operatewhich can leave the future of commercial real estate uncertain. We know you are looking for ways to continually bring value to your clients and maintain those strong relationships, securing future growth. To achieve this, you need your clients’ trust and loyalty. 

Here are five things you as a broker can do right now to further build your relationship with your clients.  

1. Reduce Tenant’s Operating Costs:

The biggest decisions most businesses weigh right now are related to costs and cash flow.  One simple way to increase your value to your clients is to help them lower their operating expenses. You can introduce them to a Telecom Concierge that can offer a Free Bill Analysis, or send them a free Telecom Availability Report. With just an address, you can email this one-page report which keeps your relationship with the client fresh. Additionally, you can also compare the current telecom costs with those from a new listing you have in your portfolio.

2. Stay Informed: 

A great value-add is the gift of knowledge. We have compiled a comprehensive list of CRE News Sites to bookmark. We have also found a few blogs to share with property owners that discuss changing work environment safety procedures.

3. Change your Approach: 

Distinguish your commercial listings that focuses on each tenants’ business needs, rather than a blanketed space for all. With all the new guidelines (like the tenant’s safety and well-being) that should be taken into individual consideration, few property owners can provide this level of care. Showing a tenant their specific needs are important to you, will instill trust and loyalty as their broker.

4. Go Digital :

At a minimum, going digital can supply you with the ability to provide virtual listing tours through video conferencing on your tablet or smartphone.  This provides your clients with the information they need to make an informed decision from the comfort and safety of their homes.  Beyond that, an omnichannel solution - a single contact service used to call, video, chat, and email all integrated with your CRM. This tool targets and personalizes sales to help you automate and effectively communicate with your clients. Stand out from other brokers with your professionalism and ‘always available’ attitude to exceed their expectations!

5. Get the Facts 

The Commercial Real-Estate market is already hard enough to predict in normal circumstances, now add a pandemic. Since not all businesses or tenants in a single asset are equally affected, making broad assumptions can negatively affect your position in the market. Consequently, CRE Brokers who were not looking into trends and reports before, are paying attention now. Real-time, fact-based analytics has never been more valuable and can help you better target niche tenants for specific listings.


Prepare your clients for the virtual future. When you partner with a free remote team solutions expert you will receive an added bonus of information to tack onto each of your listings. A Telecom Availability Report is a one-sheet that shows the available business communication services, pricing, and internet speeds for any address in the U.S. With this free report, clients save an average of 30% on their telecom bills. 

How it Works

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Internet connections have become increasingly more important, particularly for the younger companies that conduct all their business remotely over the Internet.

  • Currently, our providers are offering discounted pricing for bandwidth upgrades
  • UCaaS is an easy all-in-one single access application for only about $20-$25 per user.
  • For each service, the TAR details price, reliability, and installation time frame; a critical factor when changing locations.
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Furthermore, you can request a free Telecom Availability Report for any listing.

If you’re not already offering telecommunications concierge services, you may be losing deals without even knowing. Tenants need to know everything in advance of signing a lease. Without it, they may choose another space to lease where they can find out. Our business is to support, so your business can thrive.