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Do you sell hardware or other products?2018-01-20T22:07:33+00:00

No, specialize in negotiating rates and terms for voice, data and cloud services that are uniquely tailored to fit your needs. However, we work with several ancillary vendors and we will be happy to refer vendors to you. Check out our vendor referral page for details.


Does using Tenant Telecom Advisors add more to my bill?2018-01-20T22:09:42+00:00

On the contrary, it will cost you less than you’ve paid before. You don’t pay a penny for our services—the telecom companies do.

How can TTA offer lower pricing than our carrier’s direct sales people?2018-01-20T22:11:59+00:00

We know what to ask for and have a proven strategy for negotiating with vendors by motivating them to compete with each other. In contrast, your direct rep is highly unlikely to proactively seek bids or compete with another provider on your behalf. Also, Service Providers have to pay their direct sales people a salary and benefits, so their sales people have minimums they need to sell. We can get lower pricing because the providers to not pay our overhead.

Are you a reseller? Where does my bill come from?2018-01-20T22:13:47+00:00

We at Tenant Telecom Advisors are not resellers. Your service and billing will come from the service provider you select. In fact, one of the services we provide is ongoing review of your billing to ensure that it’s accurate and remains that way over time.

What happens if I have a problem?2018-01-20T22:16:23+00:00

If you don’t get a swift solution from the vendor, call us immediately with a description of the problem and the trouble-ticket number, and we’ll work actively on your behalf. We send so much business to the providers that we can often gain a higher level of attention and faster resolution of problems, and we use that to your benefit.

Will you support us after the installation?2018-01-20T22:18:59+00:00

Absolutely. Tenant Telecom Advisors is your advocate before, during, and after your contract and installation period. We make sure you’re getting precisely what you need at the price we negotiated for you. Your satisfaction is paramount to us.

Are your services really free?2017-12-28T21:28:53+00:00

Yes. We know it sounds too good to be true, but we do not charge you for any services for the life of your telecommunications contract. As a Master Agent, we negotiate the best rates with providers because as a broker, we save them time and resources. They work with us, and we work with you. Everyone wins.

Why should we use Team TTA when we can order directly from our phone or cable company? We have an account representative there.2018-09-17T23:12:24+00:00

Unlike your phone-company rep, Tenant Telecom Advisors doesn’t have a vested interest in setting up or keeping your account with one given company. We represent you, not the phone company, which frees us to act in your best interest–as your unbiased telecom analyst, advisor, and advocate. That means we work to lower your voice and data costs and ease the process of relocation, installation, and assuring ongoing satisfaction with your services.

We pride ourselves on being always available, friendly, and dedicated to your satisfaction. Our nearly two decades of experience working with telecom companies means we’re highly skilled at what we do and highly successful at getting you the services you need, on time and under budget.

What is a Master Agent?2017-12-28T21:39:52+00:00

A Master Agent offers and sells telecommunication services on behalf of carriers. We have direct contracts with them that enables us to offer their services at competitive prices.


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