As a Corporate Real Estate Broker, you are immersed in the ever-changing environment. Help yourself stay in the know with an easy-to-access list of news sites to follow and read. Our team uses these sites to help our partners market their listings according to the trends and information we see through these credible sources.

Here are some CRE News Sites to bookmark if you work in Los Angeles.

Prepare your business or customers for the virtual future by providing a free remote team solutions expert.

A Telecom Concierge is a free service to both the building owner and tenants. As industry experts, they help with the transition of the tenant’s move into a new space or onto an online platform and ensure the tenant receives the best solutions at the guaranteed lowest price, to save them an average of 30% on their telecom bills. 

How it Works

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Internet connections have become increasingly more important, particularly for the younger companies that conduct all their business remotely over the Internet.

  • Currently, our providers are offering discounted pricing for bandwidth upgrades
  • UCaaS is an easy all-in-one single access application for only about $20-$25 per user.
  • For each service, the TAR details price, reliability, and installation time frame; a critical factor when changing locations.
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Furthermore, you can request a free Telecom Availability Report for any listing.

If you’re not already offering telecommunications concierge services, you may be losing deals without even knowing. Tenants need to know everything in advance of signing a lease. Without it, they may choose another space to lease where they can find out. Our business is to support, so your business can thrive.