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Every building is different, especially when it comes to internet: provider and speeds available, installation time frames and pricing. Whether you are a business looking for new commercial lease space or a real estate professional helping tenants, knowing the available internet access for a potential office is essential. In a recent study, 90% of real estate professionals said access to high speed internet was one of the most important considerations of potential tenants.

We provide a concise document that lays out all telecom options for the building, called a Telecom Availability Report. We are the only company who provides them, and they are completely free.

What Is a TAR?

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The Telecom Availability Report summarizes available options for communication services in a specific location. One, page compares the service providers in the building with those that can be brought in. For each service, the TAR details price, reliability, and installation time frame; a critical factor when changing locations. The basic outline makes comparing buildings and services simple.

Find Providers in Your Building

Beitler Commercial Realty Services (Dean Heck)

My clients are always asking if fiber is available, and in the past, it was difficult to find that type of information in one place. Since working with Tenant Telecom Advisors as part of my team, I have a one-stop shop and the inside scoop, not only for fiber availability, but other business telecom options and a full list of providers in each area; Which makes me a better value to my clients. Thanks, TTA!

Dean Heck, Senior Vice President
Beitler Commercial Realty Services

Daum Commercial

Prospective Buyers and Tenants invariably ask what high-speed Internet service is available at various buildings. Christina Thurston at Tenant Telecom Advisors quickly generates a comprehensive report showing the available provider options for both fiber and other telecom services. It is a great resource, delivered at no cost to my clients, so I have Christina prepare such a report for each of my listings and for tenants and buyers I am representing.

Bram White
Executive Vice President, DAUM Commercial Real Estate Services

LA Commercial

I love the customizable Telecom Availability Reports (TARs) that Tenant Telecom Advisors creates. TTA has helped me close more deals by u giving my clients insight on the high-speed internet for their business needs at their latest location; This is something every tenant wants to know before signing a lease.

Albert Pacleb, Managing Director
LA Commercial