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Tenant Telecom Advisors has developed proprietary technology that enables us to look up any address in the continental US and quickly determine exactly what service providers are available in a building.

With our Fiber Lookup Tool, we can also see which internet service providers (ISPs) are in the area that can be brought in. Every major internet provider updates “lit building” (have established services) lists every 3-6 months, so our Fiber Lookup System always has up-to-date information.

Over 50 Providers and thousands of lit buildings:
  • Dedicated Fiber
  • Shared Broadband Fiber (Uverse and Fios)
  • Coax Cable
  • Ethernet over Copper
  • Rooftop Wireless
Our Fiber Lookup, coupled with industry experience, enables us to:

Tenant Telecom Advisors: Fiber Lookup System

Estimate Installation Time

If fiber is already in a building, we surmise that installation will be easy and take less time than when we see fiber is not currently available. This means the provider needs more time to install services at that location.

See Real-Life Obstacles

We look up an address and see that it is within 500 feet of another fiber lit building (a good indicator it is available). If there is an obstacle like railroad tracks in between the buildings, we know there will likely be large construction costs. As a result, we look for alternatives.

Give Accurate Information 

We look up an address and it shows the building is lit with a carrier’s fiber. When we order those services through the carrier, we are confident that the site is serviceable because we often have more accurate information than the ISPs themselves!

Beitler Commercial Realty Services (Josh Gerson)

I recommend to each and every client that they let Tenant Telecom Advisors handle their telecom planning and ordering. TTA makes everything simple and straight forward. You can look forward to my continuing support.

Josh Gerson
Beitler Commercial Realty Services

Daum Commercial

Prospective Buyers and Tenants invariably ask what high-speed Internet service is available at various buildings. Christina Thurston at Tenant Telecom Advisors quickly generates a comprehensive report showing the available provider options for both fiber and other telecom services. It is a great resource, delivered at no cost to my clients, so I have Christina prepare such a report for each of my listings and for tenants and buyers I am representing.

Bram White
Executive Vice President, DAUM Commercial Real Estate Services

LA Commercial

I love the customizable Telecom Availability Reports (TARs) that Tenant Telecom Advisors creates. TTA has helped me close more deals by u giving my clients insight on the high-speed internet for their business needs at their latest location; This is something every tenant wants to know before signing a lease.

Albert Pacleb, Managing Director
LA Commercial

Beitler Commercial Realty Services (Dean Heck)

My clients are always asking if fiber is available, and in the past, it was difficult to find that type of information in one place. Since working with Tenant Telecom Advisors as part of my team, I have a one-stop shop and the inside scoop, not only for fiber availability, but other business telecom options and a full list of providers in each area; Which makes me a better value to my clients. Thanks, TTA!

Dean Heck, Senior Vice President
Beitler Commercial Realty Services

First Property Realty

Tenant Telecom Advisors have been so helpful to our clients that when it was time to move and upgrade our own office, we called TTA for their expertise. We quickly received a great deal on our new and improved voice and internet solutions, which increased our bandwidth while saving us on cost. The whole process was effortless, and we are very pleased with our services.

Jeffrey Resnick, President
First Property Realty

The Garcia Companies

Christina from Tenant Telecom Advisors was a great resource for our company throughout two of our office’s big moves. She always made herself available if we had any questions and was very helpful during the entire process.

Nikki Cuff, Junior Executive
The Garcia Companies


Thank you again for your outstanding service and support for our company. You truly make this area of our work smooth and efficient.

James Callander, Procurement Manager

Matthews Retail Group

I have the utmost trust in Christina Thurston and the Tenant Telecom Advisors team. Working with them is sublime. Their strategy on business technology has led us in opening 4 office sites. Now we are on the path of opening 2 more. Christina coached her team to understand our core value, and her engagement brings out great results. We did not find a vendor. We found a partner.

Jonathan Reyes, Sr/ Technology Manager
Matthews Retail Group

Lee & Associates

Tenant Telecom Advisors was recommended to me through a business associate, and they were extremely helpful in understanding our current contracts and finding our company better services for less than what we were currently paying for internet services. They were able to get us twice the internet speed for a fraction of what we were paying. TTA is very easy, and best of all, free. As a commercial real estate company, our brokers all highly recommend TTA to our clients when moving into a new space.

Britt Knutson, Office Manager
Lee & Associates

CTRL Collective

Whenever we open a new office, Tenant Telecom Advisors is one of our first calls. We know that TTA is going to shop aggressively to ensure that we get the best deal possible for our new internet services. Twice, they have even managed to get us a free month of service. They project manage the installations, coordinating with our wiring and networking vendors so that the service set up is fast and easy. Whenever we have had an issue, with an outage or with billing, TTA steps in on our behalf and makes sure our needs are taken care of right away. I would recommend Tenant Telecom Advisors for any business!

CTRL Collective

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