The Tenant Telecom Advisors Process

Free Telecom Concierge Services to Tenants

Tenant Telecom Advisors can help your tenants save thousands of dollars on voice and data bills each year. To start, we perform detailed analysis, and then we take the tenant’s requirements to the telecom marketplace where vendors compete for their business.

As our partner, all you need to do is make the introduction to the tenant, and we’ll do the rest. Here’s what the process looks like…


Internet and phone packages are not created equally. We analyze the tenant’s business needs to construct the ideal plan. We’ll inquire about current services, future needs, past problems and successes.

We review current bills so that we can create a customized plan based on voice and internet usage. Our experts discuss strategies for streamlining operations and tailoring connectivity.


Using our detailed analysis of the tenant’s current services with an eye toward future needs, we gather competitive quotes on their behalf.

We are a Master Agent with direct agreements with every major voice, internet and cloud provider nationwide. We’ll get competitive quotes from potential providers with the lowest prices, providing a side by side comparison and a low-price guarantee.


Tenant Telecom Advisors provides free project management for the tenant’s installation. We coordinate with IT professionals, voice, networking engineers, and building owners throughout the process. We keep everyone updated regarding milestones during the installation process (typically 30 – 90 days).

We ensure that providers deliver services on time, or we offer temporary service options. As a result, everyone has the freedom to focus on their core business.


Tenants take advantage of our free services after installation! We remain with the tenant for the contract and provide ongoing support. Clients never have to wait on hold with customer-service again.

A dedicated Account Manager will be the point of contact to resolve any issues, answer questions or make changes. We are committed to making sure clients are completely satisfied with telecommunication services.

What Our Partners Say…


I nearly lost a deal considering that the tenant did not think they could get the internet services they needed at their move-in building. When I brought Tenant Telecom Advisors in they salvaged the deal for me! TTA assured my client they could get dedicated fiber brought in, waive install fees, get the tenant up and running on time, and ultimately saved the client thousands of dollars on their telecom annually. When the deal was done my client asked me “Where did you find these people!” Thank you for making me look good, Christina!

Jim Meaney, 1st VP

Charles Dunn Company, Inc.

Whether I’m representing a property and I want to market the Telecom options that are available at my listing or I’m representing a tenant and we want to know what options are available at specific locations, Tenant Telecom Advisors can quickly and easily provide that information to us. Additionally, their service is great and they can save my clients hundreds/thousands of dollars over the course of their lease term. It’s a win-win and no-brainer.

Todd Wuschnig, Director
Charles Dunn Company, Inc.

Spectrum Real Estate Services

Tenants search for properties with one major item on their mind, “what type of Internet is in the building”?? Telecom Advisors makes this process seamless. Through their assistance, being a commercial real estate agent myself, I am able to provide detailed specs on the available internet for the properties my clients are interested in Leasing or Buying. ACS deals directly with my clients from the setup to future service needs. I refer all of my clients to ACS because they have earned the trust of my clients.

Matt Sreden
Senior Associate, NAI Capital

NAI Capital

Tenant Telecom Advisors has been invaluable to me when a tenant or landlord needs to confirm what internet service is available at a particular site. In one instance, TTA was able to verify that high speed internet service was available at a building after the service provider stated there wasn’t sufficient service and it would take approximately six months to install new equipment. TTA resolved the issue quickly and increased the landlord’s ability to attract new tenants and retain existing tenants.

Randy Matusoff, Vice President
NAI Capital

Matthews Retail Group

I have the utmost trust in Christina Thurston and the Tenant Telecom Advisors team. Working with them is sublime. Their strategy on business technology has led us in opening 4 office sites. Now we are on the path of opening 2 more. Christina coached her team to understand our core value, and her engagement brings out great results. We did not find a vendor. We found a partner.

Jonathan Reyes, Sr/ Technology Manager
Matthews Retail Group

LA Realty Partners

I refer all of my clients to TTA, knowing that their requirements will be quickly understood by experienced professionals in telecommunications; that TTA will do the research and compete carriers against each other to get the best economic package and services for my clients; and because all of this comes free to the client. Why wouldn’t I?

Tony Price, Director, LA Realty Partners
LA Realty Partners


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