A TAR is a detailed report created for a specific building, summarizing the available and potential internet, voice and cloud communication solutions available.  For each type of service, the report also provides information, such as an install time frame, reliability, and monthly cost.  This tool is the number one request we get from our partners. We are the only ones making them and they are entirely free

Stay top of mind to your clients:

Give your clients all the info they need in order to make an informed decision on their next lease space. TAR reports have your contact information right at the top, so prospective tenants can contact you on the listing, and you can include the TAR in your brochure.

Market Listings / Bring value white glove service to your clients.

A recent study polled 500 CRE professionals, 90% said that access to high speed internet is the most influential deciding factor when a tenant is leasing new office space.

  • Tenant Rep Brokers: Telecom Availability Reports makes it easy to provide this information to prospective tenants, and makes you more valuable to them as their trusted source for guidance as to which building is the best fit for them
  • Building Owner Rep Brokers: You may be losing deals and not even realize that the reason the tenant is not signing the lease is that they KNOW they can get high speed internet at another building, and it was not clear at your building.
  • CRE Building owner reps can also use these reports to set themselves apart in a listing pitch. e. “Hey building owner, not only I am going to market this listing to highlight the parking and class A status, but I am also going to highlight the high speed connectivity available, and bring on a Free Telecom Concierge to help all tenants”

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By providing unbiased comparisons among all of our top-tier telecom providers, we’ll ensure you’ve got access to the best-suited and most competitive telecom and cloud solutions. We’ll meet or beat competitors’ prices because of our extensive knowledge of each providers promotional offerings, saving you time and money in research and trials! Our business is to support, so your business can thrive.