Everyone keeps talking about the “new normal,” or the “New new normal,” whatever that means. Whatever you want to call it, we are all aware that there will need to be special measures taken to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers as we reopen our doors..

Here are some questions to consider before your team returns back to the office:

1. Will we need to restructure our workspace to provide adequate physical distance?  

On the heels of a big move towards creative open workspace, where employees often do not even have their own work station, we now all face the new reality that the need for social distancing may mean considering going back to cubicles. How can you free up more physical space to make this happen? One thing to consider is whether you need to have a file server on-site or if you can free up more square footage by moving to a cloud-based server.

2. Will we decide if office space is necessary, or hybrid office / remote work?

As many of us have become more comfortable with working from home, several companies have actually found it to be beneficial! According to INC magazine, remote workers are more productive. Read the full article here. Additionally, AT&T and other Internet providers now offer free delivery of business-grade solutions to home offices, making it easier for remote workers to get the bandwidth they require.

3. Could we invest in hands-free office supplies?

Some things you can look into that are hands-free include trash cans, soap dispensers, or doors that automatically open. This will definitely help reduce the spread of germs! Providing reusable face masks, creating sanitizing stations, and investing in a forehead thermometer can help keep employees at ease. Here is a wall-mounted forehead thermometer you can install.

4. Will we need to update our health & safety measures?

BluZap is a UV Disinfection Service that uses UV-C technology to thoroughly disinfect your space. UV kills microbes and deactivates viruses by disrupting their DNA and RNA, leaving them unable to infect or replicate.

5. Would moving from paper to digital documents help stop the spread of germs?

Cloud storage is a secure document filing application that can replace your office filing cabinet and printer. Efax works by sending faxes through your email to any fax number and can receive inbound faxes to email as well. Digital “whiteboards” can be utilized instead of a physical announcement board.

6. Can we restructure the workflow to be done in parallel/sequence rather than jointly?

Instead of working side by side to collaborate, consider using Unified communications, which allow users to conduct remote video conferencing. Also, Microsoft OneDrive offers users the ability to securely share documents and make changes together in real-time. (This article was edited over OneDrive).

7. How can we restructure meetings to accommodate remote workers?

Business Grade Video Calling offers a screen share feature remote teams use to collaborate on projects. GoToConnect is a provider that offers secure business-grade video-conferencing that helps your business host virtual meetings, networking events, or webinars.

8. How can we increase accessibility with our customers while limiting physical contact?

A virtual receptionist app, Alice for example, ties to your phone system. It works as an auto-attendant in that it allows your clients to essentially “help themselves” before needing to work with a live associate. This will limit the amount of contact your employees need to have with individual customers.

9. Have we devised a game-plan to communicate new procedures with our employees?

Your team can chat via Video Conferencing software which will allow you to open a dialogue, inviting questions about your plan. Transition your team from remote work back to the office. For more detailed information, read Forbe’s Article: “How to Bring Employees Back to the Workplace…“.
Provide details of new workplace guidelines for health & safety. For the latest news, please check OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Can someone help analyze the cost associated with re-opening our business within a virtual environment?

Now is the time to think outside the box on ways you can save money. Saving money on your voice/internet services or IT cost could be easier than you think. For example, Star2Star offers Desktop-as-a-Service, which provides virtual apps and cloud storage. This service does not need an IT manager, and neither do many of the other products on the market today because providers include managed IT in their services. You can also consult with a Telecom Concierge who can provide free bill analysis to shave the cost off your current bills.

Prepare your business or customers for the virtual future by providing a free remote team solutions expert.

A Telecom Concierge is a free service to both the building owner and tenants. As industry experts, they help with the transition of the tenant’s move into a new space or onto an online platform and ensure the tenant receives the best solutions at the guaranteed lowest price, to save them an average of 30% on their telecom bills. 

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Internet connections have become increasingly more important, particularly for the younger companies that conduct all their business remotely over the Internet.

  • Currently, our providers are offering discounted pricing for bandwidth upgrades
  • UCaaS is an easy all-in-one single access application for only about $20-$25 per user.
  • For each service, the TAR details price, reliability, and installation time frame; a critical factor when changing locations.
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