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A Building Owner’s worst nightmare is a listing with unrented units and as an owner, you need to ensure you are marketing your listings to drive interest in the commercial lease space.

Before signing a lease, tenants need to know the available high-speed connectivity they need at a price they can afford.

If you are not marketing your listings’ internet options, you may be losing potential tenants to other buildings, where the available internet providers are more apparent.

A Recent Study Shows…

The most important factor new tenants consider when selecting a commercial lease space is the access to high speed internet.

Team TTA is a Telecom Concierge enhancing your listings’ value and marketability by helping your tenants find the perfect voice, internet and cloud-based communication services for FREE.

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I nearly lost a deal considering that the tenant did not think they could get the internet services they needed at their move-in building. When I brought Tenant Telecom Advisors in they salvaged the deal for me! TTA assured my client they could get dedicated fiber brought in, waive install fees, get the tenant up and running on time, and ultimately saved the client thousands of dollars on their telecom annually. When the deal was done my client asked me “Where did you find these people!” Thank you for making me look good, Christina!

Jim Meaney, 1st VP

Tenant Telecom Advisors has been invaluable to me when a tenant or landlord needs to confirm what internet service is available at a particular site. In one instance, TTA was able to verify that high speed internet service was available at a building after the service provider stated there wasn’t sufficient service and it would take approximately six months to install new equipment. TTA resolved the issue quickly and increased the landlord’s ability to attract new tenants and retain existing tenants.

Randy Matusoff, Vice President
NAI Capital


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