You may not be able to offer everything on this list, or you may have a lot of it already. These simple things send a strong message letting tenants know you care about their needs and comfort.
1. Make Improvements on your Property

For office buildings, shopping centers and industrial buildings, cosmetic improvements throughout can make a big difference in the ability to increase the rent you charge for tenants. Give the exterior a makeover, improve the lobby, or repave the parking lot to enhance the property.

2. Add Amenities
  • Fitness centers
  • Reliable, fast internet
  • Conference rooms
  • Shipping / mailing center
  • Outdoor spaces / Rooftop terraces
  • Eco friendly options (Bicycle racks, green offices, lots of plants)
  • Security Measures (24-hour surveillance, electronic key entry, etc)
  • Coffee bars
  • Vending machines or mini market
  • Dry cleaner
  • Large common areas (can be used to rent for private parties, etc.)
3. Bring on a Telecom Concierge

Prepare your commercial properties for the high-tech future by providing telecommunications service options. A Telecom Concierge is a free service to both the building owner and tenants. As industry experts, they help with the telecom coordination of the tenant’s move and ensure they receive the best solutions at the lowest rates.

How it Works
Tenant Telecom Advisors: Telecom Access Report

Include a Free Telecom Availability Report in your next listing.

Internet connections have become increasingly more important, particularly for the younger companies that conduct all their business remotely over the Internet.

  • A.R.s are proven to increase the turn-around in potential tenant engagement.
  • 75% of all the commercial leases executed in January 2020 were by technology-related companies.
  • For each service, the TAR details price, reliability, and installation time frame; a critical factor when changing locations.
TAR Request

More Information

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Please fill out this form to speak to one of our telecom experts. We can help find available fiber in your building to make your listings more marketable.
Furthermore, you can request a free Telecom Availability Report for any listing.

If you’re not already offering telecommunications concierge services, you may be losing deals without even knowing. Tenants need to know everything in advance of signing a lease. Without it, they may choose another space to lease where they can find out. Our business is to support, so your business can thrive.