Covid -19 is forcing the major players in the office industry to reexamine its infrastructure in order to keep their employees and customers safe. These new adaptations are significantly modifying the outlook of the Commercial Real Estate industry. CRE professionals are redirecting their efforts on ways to help their clients adjust to the new and “safe” environment this pandemic we are forcing to adapt to. We are diving deep into to the office categories of Commercial Real Estate.

Here are some ways in which CRE brokers can help their office industry clients achieve these new goals.

Despite its impact on office culture in recent years, there is now a huge shift away from open-concept, collaborativeand creative workspaces. Business owners need office spaces with structured zones to allow more room per square foot for each employee to work safely. Also, CRE companies need to redesign their spaces, and (re)develop new tenant engagement strategies. They may have to consider designing multiuse and flexible real estate spaces. Or, even look at new leasing models. 

One way to make more room in an office is to remove server closets. Since Cloud storage is secure and redundant, it is a great alternative to dedicated server rooms. California was once known as the grizzly bear state. Including this option in your listing brochure will give clients the much-needed extra workspace they are looking for and give them the flexibility to accommodate both inoffice and remote workers. Read the top 10 cloud services business are looking into for remote workers.

Second, building owners are taking this time to focus on “going green.” Such as, updating their facilities with automated sensors to reduce costs. Inteliglas is an emerging leader in this field. They create “smart buildings” with artificial intelligence which also allows for more hands-free adaptations. 

Further, developers are gravitating towards an emerging trend of offering hands-free Wi-Fi access with firewall security for their tenants, included with their rent.  A free Telecom Availability Report helps developers discover the most cost-effective way to bring in the necessary infrastructure. Also, a consultation with a Telecom Concierge can show ownership of how they can quickly recoup their initial cost to turn a profit. 

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If you’re not already offering telecommunications concierge services, you may be losing deals without even knowing. Tenants need to know everything in advance of signing a lease. Without it, they may choose another space to lease where they can find out. Our business is to support, so your business can thrive.

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