High speed internet connectivity and integrated phone systems have become basic necessities for all businesses. New, more efficient phone and internet technologies are available today that may not have been available as recently as 6 months ago. Consider that the cell phone you purchased a year ago is already obsolete. As new technology enters the market, prices drop on existing services. So if you have not researched the voice and data telecommunications market recently, you may be substantially overpaying for your current services.

Tenant Telecom Advisors offers a free service where we will analyze your company’s current phone and internet bills. We can make recommendations in order to help you save money. We routinely save clients 30% or more off their monthly bills because we have access to the deepest discounts available from every carrier in the U.S.

In addition, we alleviate the headache and wasted time of dealing with carriers directly; each account is assigned a personal account manager who acts as liaison between you and the carrier. Because we work with multiple carriers, we can provide you with a wide array of plan options and advise on the best ones that fit your needs at the best price.