Tenants can have the freedom of choosing a lease outside of their budget when there is a way to cut costs in other aspects of running their business. Each client’s business is unique, therefore it does not make sense for them to pay for things they don’t need. For example, signing up for communications solutions that add excess charges for services they will never use. 
The Goldilocks Complex
  1. “This place is under my budget, but doesn’t have any of my amenities.”
  2. “This place meets my budget, and has some of my amenities.”
  3. “This place has all of my amenities, but it is way over my budget.”
Getting the client to choose the 3rd option

Almost every client we meet is overpaying for their business communication services! Clients can save an average of 30%- 50% of their expected budget for voice and internet, so they have more money to allocate to rent.  See How we analyze our client’s telecom bills..

Ways to Save

A Telecom Availability Report summarizes available options for communication services in a specific location. One page compares the service providers in the building with those that can be brought in. For each service, the TAR details price, reliability, and installation time frame. The basic outline makes comparing buildings and services simple.

Tenant Telecom Advisors can fine tune data, voice, cloud and internet services, matching options that make a business more effective and productive. With over 15 years of experience, implementing services for office solutions of all sizes, Tenant Telecom Advisors is well prepared to partner with your company. Our team becomes additional assistance for your team at no cost to your client’s budget.

More Information

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Please fill out this form to speak to one of our telecom experts. We can help find available fiber in your building to make your listings more marketable.
Furthermore, you can request a free Telecom Availability Report for any listing.

If you’re not already offering telecommunications concierge services, you may be losing deals without even knowing. Tenants need to know everything in advance of signing a lease. Without it, they may choose another space to lease where they can find out. Our business is to support, so your business can thrive.