Is Dedicated Fiber Available?

When giving potential tenants a tour, you are probably often asked if dedicated fiber is available and which carriers in the area provide it. In fact, if you have recently lost a deal at a location where telecom availability was not previously determined, you can bet the tenant you lost chose a location where they knew the services they needed were available.

We have developed a new Fiber Lookup Application, a proprietary tool with the ability to determine available providers and telecommunication services at any address in the continental U.S. along with obtainable services nearby.

Using this tool in the specified building and nearby areas, we can see to following products:

  • Fiber
  • Coax cable
  • Ethernet over Copper (EOC)
  • Rooftop wireless
  • Business Uverse

Before signing a lease, tenants want to know the available services and their pricing. Access to this information will help you close deals and set you aside from other brokers. So the next time you have a client ask you, “Can I access fiber here?” send us the address, receive a free Telecom Availability Report (TAR), and add a key essential value your clients will benefit from.

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