CRE 2021: New Year, New View

Throughout 2020, our main focus has been remaining connected with our partners in the Commercial Real Estate community.  While talking with our partners, several common questions kept arising - “So, what are other brokers doing right now? Are they working, back in their offices?” One thing for certain, we are all missing the luxury [...]

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The Future of CRE: Office Space

Covid -19 is forcing the major players in the office industry to reexamine its infrastructure in order to keep their employees and customers safe. These new adaptations are significantly modifying the outlook of the Commercial Real Estate industry. CRE professionals are redirecting their efforts on ways to help their clients adjust to the new [...]

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5 Easy Ways CRE Brokers Can Improve Client Relationships Right Now

The Real Estate Market in the Age of COVID-19 is daunting. Today, businesses are drastically changing the way they operate, which can leave the future of commercial real estate uncertain. We know you are looking for ways to continually bring value to your clients and maintain those strong relationships, securing future growth. To achieve this, you need your clients’ trust and loyalty.  Here [...]

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15 CRE News Links to Bookmark

As a Corporate Real Estate Broker, you are immersed in the ever-changing environment. Help yourself stay in the know with an easy-to-access list of news sites to follow and read. Our team uses these sites to help our partners market their listings according to the trends and information we see through these credible sources. [...]

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Safely Reopening Your Business

Everyone keeps talking about the “new normal,” or the “New new normal,” whatever that means. Whatever you want to call it, we are all aware that there will need to be special measures taken to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers as we reopen our doors.. Here are some questions to [...]

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10 Key Advantages to Business-Grade Video Calling

Empower Business To Thrive While Your Team Works Remotely Video conferencing was once plagued by choppy video, unexpected outages, syncing problems, confusing controls and hardware/software incompatibility issues. Business-Grade Video Calling offers an uncomplicated, dependable and high-quality video that will change the way you communicate. Connect with clients and co-workers with direct point-to-point conferencing or multipoint virtual [...]

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